9-30783 AirSense ModuLaser, Detector module

Detector module
The Detector Module is a fully self-contained unit, which aspirate the
sampled air from the protected area, analyze the air and based on
ClassiFire determine if a pre-alarm or alarm should be raise, if smoke
particles would be present in the sampled air. If an alarm condition or
fault condition would occur, then the unit will activate the
corresponding local relay output, subjected to the programming of the
relays. Simultaneously the alarm or fault condition would also be
reported to the Display Module to which the Detector Module is
Due to the modular nature of the ModuLaser, maintenance (for
example routine filter replacement) can be done on a module per
module bases, rather than a complete system. This in turn reduces the
risk of the area which is unprotected during the maintenance period,
as only one sampling pipe (protected zone) would be affected at a

Perfect solution
Thanks to advanced features that make it virtually impervious to dust
and dirt, ModuLaser is ideal for use in hostile environments that would
disable other kinds of smoke detectors. Forward scattering optical
detection adds early warning capability without the risk of nuisance
alarms normally associated with high sensitivity smoke detection, while
exclusive environmental compensation technology adds a high degree
of reliability to an already solid detection solution.


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