9-30780 AirSense ModuLaser, Minimum Display Module

Minimum display module
The ModuLaser Minimum Display Module offers a cost effective
alternative to the Standard Display Module. While the Standard
Display Module features a user interface which consist of a TFT color
display, navigation buttons and status LED’s, the Minimum Display
Module only features status LED’s. Depending on the requirements of
the installation, only having status LED’s might be sufficient to locally
indicate faults or alarms while still reporting faults and alarms via the
relay outputs or APIC. Due to the absence of a screen and navigation
buttons, the Minimum Display Module(and associated detectors
modules) must be configured via a computer using Remote software
or via SenseNET using a Command Display Module.

Perfect solution
Thanks to advanced features that make it virtually impervious to dust
and dirt, ModuLaser is ideal for use in hostile environments that would
disable other kinds of smoke detectors. Forward scattering optical
detection adds early warning capability without the risk of nuisance
alarms normally associated with high sensitivity smoke detection, while
exclusive environmental compensation technology adds a high degree
of reliability to an already solid detection solution.


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