Linear Heat

Linear Heat

Alarmline Analogue sensor cable senses temperature variations by continuously monitoring the resistance of specially doped N.T.C. polymeric insulation. A change in temperature produces a relative change in resistance between the two loops within the sensor cable - as temperature increases, resistance is lowered.

  • Flexible in installation
  • Recoverable after operation
  • Monitors precise point of risk
  • Sensitive to small temperature variations
  • Mechanical/environmental protection options

Kidde Alarmline Digital Linear Heat Sensor is a twin conductor cable with temperature-sensitive insulation protected by a special braid, PVC or fluoropolymer outer sheath to meet specific application requirements. This concept of point-of-risk detection can also be employed as cabling for electrical fire alarm systems - subject to British Standards or customer specification restrictions.

  • Twin-conductor switching heat sensing cable
  • Effective monitoring at precise point of risk
  • Economical, reliable and durable detection
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Applied where other types of fire detection are unsuitable

Areas where linear heat detection systems are best employed are often difficult to access and receive only limited surveillance. It is therefore essential that sensors are appropriately located using the most suitable method of support. The Alarmline range of sensor supports has been specifically designed to meet such demanding requirements and to keep installation cost to a minimum through ease of installation.

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