Addressable FAS

Addressable FAS

The VegaNET Display System is a PC Windows™ based application designed primarily for the monitoring of fire alarm systems. Providing the user with a means to view the entire system or campus enabling rapid recognition and identification of source and extent of each event, particularly during multiple alarm conditions. The presentation of alarm information is provided in a simple, standard text or graphical format, giving operators the right information on which to make appropriate decisions.

  • Text and graphics versions
  • Prominent user controls with attractive appearance
  • Compatible with Kidde analogue addressable systems and network outstations
  • Print graphical pages with automatic event logging
  • Multi level password protection
  • Unlimited number of graphical pages
  • Language text translations

Vega's microprocessor-based distributed intelligence enables systems to be tailored to the exact requirements of a wide range of system configurations. Offering flexibility in design and operation, Vega is ideal for installations protecting hotels, office complexes, manufacturing sites, hospitals, schools, residential or commercial complexes. In fact, any area where quality of performance and reliability are paramount.

  • Modular design
  • Microprocessor-based distributed intelligence
  • Supports Apollo XP95 or Hochiki ESP protocols
  • Expandable from 1 to 16 loops in single loop increments
  • On-site programmability via text and graphical display
  • 4 to 16 programmable sounder circuits
  • Optional plug-in cards for on-site configuration

Exciting and innovative, Discovery Intelligent Fire Detectors take the advanced features of XP95 and add new dimensions of sophistication, providing total reassurance in installations where adaptability to changing conditions and protection against unwanted alarms are paramount.

  • Rejection of transient signals
  • Five response modes for changing environments
  • Drift compensation for constant sensitivity
  • Non-volatile memory for user data
  • Alarm flag for fast alarm reporting

The Kidde XP95 range of fire detectors comprises ionisation and optical smoke monitors, temperature monitors, a multisensor and a compatible manual callpoint. XP95 detectors are advanced in design and performance and offer benefits to the installer and end user.

  • Alarm address for fast location of alarm
  • Automatic addressing using XPERT card
  • Electronics-free base
  • Ease of installation
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Designed to meet worldwide approvals

The Kidde Fire Protection range of warning devices & call points includes conventional types and addressable versions compatible with Apollo XP95 and Hochiki ESP protocols.

  • Sounders
  • Beacons and Bells
  • Manual Call point
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