Integrated BMS

Integrated BMS

What is integration?

Integration brings together 2 or more different control systems (i.e. Fire + CCTV) in a building or complex, so that they can operate as one system. This has a number of advantages to previous building management systems:



  • greater degree of simplicity/usability for the end-user
  • customers can choose the best system from each particular discipline without fear of compromising compatibility
  • building cause and effect strategy can be programmed through the integration layer
  • energy efficiency and dramatically reduced consumption can be achieved via the integration layer
  • the integrated layer provides true optimization of all the connected building systems




Integrate1: a. complete, form into whole; made up of parts; whole

Integrate2: v. complete by addition of parts; combine (parts) into a whole


Recent trends in design and specification have tried to use the well developed HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) controls equipment to take on a larger role in building management and automation than what it was originally designed for. More and more we see new buildings where integration is seen as a way of "bolting on" more information or compatibility into a HVAC control system - often with increased costs and to the detriment of the overall building performance.


True integration overcomes these problems, thus allowing manufacturers to develop their systems without constraints. Whichever method is required, Tyrrell Systems Ltd are able to offer help and advice to provide the best solution for the problem.


Tyrrell Systems can offer a wide range of integration solutions to best suite your needs. Tyrrell Systems have been a North Approved Systems Partner since the partnership scheme was introduced in 2000. In addition to being the first appointed NASP Tyrrell Systems are also a Tridium Niagara AX Developer and a Tridium Systems Integrator. This unique position allows us to design jobs with the most suitable integration equipment on the market giving you the freedom of choice to choose the building systems that meet your requirements.

Communicator is the latest version of the tried and tested platform for building control and integration technology. The system combines connectivity and integration, direct plant and equipment process control, web supervision and alarm management. Read on to learn about the unparalleled performance available for your building.



  • Intelligent connectivity to up to 10 sub-systems through 260+ on-board building systems interface drivers
  • On-board web server for custom graphics, data log display and alarm display, with client connectivity
  • Downloadable alarm/web client application
  • Incredibly fast and powerful process control module
  • Rapid deployment reduces engineering costs
  • Online update and configuration reduces site visits

Communicator LT makes the cost-effective convergence of building services and IT networks a reality. Whether your need is for peer-to-peer high-level networking for integrated systems, or to link remote sites onto existing IT networks for centralised management and enterprise applications, Communicator LT is the solution.

Communicator LT can integrate with a wide variety of third party sub-systems via software drivers. These include Security & Access Systems, HVAC, Fire Systems, Chillers, PDU Monitoring and other building control & monitoring equipment. With over 250 software drivers available, the Communicator LT offers unrivalled connectivity via its RS232 and IP based device ports making integration to new and older legacy systems possible.



  • High Level Integration Solution
  • Ideal for Remote Monitoring
  • Alarm Management
  • Archive Logs and Histories
  • Over 200 sub-systems supported
  • IP and RS232 Connectivity
  • Compact Module
  • Wall or Panel Mount Enclosure

eBMS Branch Monitor from Tyrrell S y s t e m s L t d p r o v i d e s comprehensive monitoring for Data Centre Power Distribution Units at each circuit breaker. The system comprises of three main elements:

  • Intelligent CT-Strip
  • Branch Root
  • Advanced Monitoring System



  • Local Processing for improved accuracy
  • Hall-Effect measurement for very low currents
  • Intelligent breaker trip monitoring
  • Modular 6-way CT strip design for up to 144 ways pay only for the circuits you need
  • Solid Core or Split Core versions
  • Modbus Slave output per branch using RS485

rEIO is an integrated and costeffective solution from Tyrrell Systems for the remote monitoring and control of
digital inputs and outputs in the field. rEIO is as versatile as your requirements are varied, for i n s t ance: centralised
management of inputs from distributed fire alarm panels; control of CCTV camera presets; or the ideal answer for pulsed meter data collection.



Minimum specification for Windows PC host

  • ATX mini-tower or tower base unit with PSU
  • 1.2GHz Processor
  • 256Mb RAM
  • 4Mb graphics card, 1024 x 768 resolution, 16-bit
  • 17” CRT monitor or flat panel
  • 20Gb UDMA hard disk drive
  • 9-way serial port
  • 10/100mb NIC Ethernet card
  • 52x speed IDE CD-ROM drive
  • 3.5” 1.44Mb floppy disk drive
  • PS/2 or USB optical mouse with scrolling
  • PS/2 Windows keyboard
  • Operating system:
  • Microsoft Windows 98 SE – OR better

The PS00105 range of air differential pressure switches are suitable for low differential pressure switching applications, and are ideal for providing indication of fan status or 'filter dirty' conditions in air, non-combustible, non-aggressive gases in air conditioning and ventilating installations. The switching knob is mounted under the cover to avoid tampering.



  • Close switching differential
  • IP65 housing option
  • Duct fixing kit included

The TH00105 uses the latest high accuracy RH & T element, and offers options such as set point adjust momentary switch and fan speed selection, together with a multi-line backlit LCD display. A 0-10Vdc override status input option is also available, allowing occupancy indication on the display.

4-20mA, 0-10Vdc or 0-5Vdc outputs for temperature and RH are available as standard. A custom output range for temperature can be requested, between 0 and +50°C.

A directly connected passive thermistor temperature output is also available, as an alternative to the standard active temperature output.



  • ±2% and ±3% Accuracy Versions
  • Multi-function sensor
  • Fully configurable LCD Display
  • Direct thermistor temperature options available
  • Blends into the fabric of any building

The TH00105 range of humidity and temperature sensors offer the latest technology high precision and accuracy RH & T element, and installed in our robust 600 series housing. The housing has an added benefit of being easy to install with the hinged lid, which can also be screwed closed to make the unit tamperproof.

An optional multi-line backlit LCD display is available, along with a direct PTC/NTC sensing element. Also a
custom output range for temperature can be requested, between -20°C and +50°C.



  • ±2% and ±3% Accuracy Versions
  • Snap fit cover
  • Fully configurable LCD Display
  • Direct thermistor temperature options available

The TT-1000 range of wall mounting temperature sensors can be fitted with either a high quality thermistor, Nickel or Platinum PTC sensing elements. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a vast majority of controllers.

The TT-1000 can be configured with a variety of user interface options including, set point control, fan speedswitching (resistive) and momentary switches. The base plate allows for both EU and North American fixings.



  • Wide range of sensing element types
  • Blends into the fabric of any building
  • ABS Flame retardant
  • Base plate compatible for both EU & North America fixings

The TT-522 range of duct temperature sensors are used for air temperature in ducts. Units contain either a high quality thermistor, Nickel or Platinum sensing element.
The temperature element is fitted into a 150mm long brass probe with holes to allow direct air flow. A neoprene gasket is supplied to ensure a good seal between the sensor and the duct. A flange plate is available for adjustment of penetration depth (order as TT-522-DFP).

The TT-522-CVO (active output), combines 4 preset ranges and selectable output mode, customised output range scaling enabling a choice of outputs and ranges on one unit.



  • IP65 Housing
  • Wide range of element types

The WD-AMX water leak detection modules are designed for use with the WD-CS, WD-PS and WD-RS water leak detection sensors. The modules have LED Indication of the water leak status and a sounder that can be enabled or disabled. The relay output can be used in manual or auto reset, and can be
used as an alarm signal for connection to a BMS controller or remote alarm annunciation panel, such as the UI-AA1-F.



  • LED Indication of leak status
  • Manual or auto reset alarm output
  • Audible alarm
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