Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

High Performance Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

KD-1230 is a High Performance 42 Bar System that offers major technical and economic advantages over 25 bar systems. It prevents liquid agent coming into contact with high-value assets by ensuring reliable conversion into gas. It also pushes the agent over longer distances through distribution pipe networks. This means increased design flexibility for larger or complex facilities, and for applications where cylinders cannot be located next to the risk.


  • Environment Friendly
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Clean

ARGONITE C60 is an evolutionary advance in the company's ARGONITE inert gas fire suppression system range. The new system introduces an innovative patented Controlled Flow Technology that allows considerable savings to be made on system installation costs, which deliver performance that meets or exceeds applicable regulatory and environmental regulations.


• Low installation, recharge and maintenance costs
• Can be integrated with existing detection systems
• Minimum downtime after a fire
• No post fire residues to clean up
• Safe to use where people are present

As a result, recent years have seen a substantial reappraisal of approaches to fire protection. Kidde Fire Protection is at the forefront of new technologies in fire safety, offering a range of state-of-the-art fire extinguishing systems. Kidde Fire Protection offers GX-20 systems containing FM-200®, a gaseous agent manufactured by Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, which has emerged as a viable alternative to the Halons on the basis of extensive trials. FM-200 is fast and effective with a low space/weight characteristic which is also environmentally-acceptable and safe for human exposure.

  • Fast and effective against a wide range of Class A, B and electrical fires
  • Safe for occupied areas
  • Non-corrosive and electrically nonconductive
  • No post-discharge residue and clean-up
  • Environmentally-acceptable
  • Range of system release options
  • Low installation and maintenance costs

Kidde engineers developed carbon dioxide fire extinguishing over 60 years ago and Kidde have been responsible for every major improvement that has been made in this branch of fire protection. Kidde Products benefits from the accumulated experience of thousands of installations in power plants, industrial plants, oil refineries, electronic processes, on ships and in a wide variety of hazardous areas.

  • Versatile
  • Fast and efficient
  • Clean
  • Low cost

Hot cooking surfaces, round the clock operations, high-efficiency appliances.Today's commercial cooking facilities have all the elements necessary for devastating fires, disasters that can shut down a food service establishment for a day, a month, or forever.That's why the engineers at Kidde Fire Protection have introduced the next generation in commercial cooking fire suppression. The Kidde Fire Protection Wet Chemical System. Your insurance company and local fire authorities will like the Kidde System because it exceeds the tough U.L. 300 Standard. Your managers will appreciate that the Kidde System installs out of sight, remains on duty around the clock and uses a fire suppression agent that minimises after-fire cleanup operations.

With three detection zones as standard, extinguishant release can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow (among other combinations) two from three type activations such as would be required for detection in ceiling void, room and floor void applications.

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in a quality controlled environment and with European EN12094-1 approval, the FireBeta XT extinguishant control panel offers outstanding value and performance for small to medium size fixed firefighting

  • Configurable third zone
  • Serial status connection
  • Timer display
  • Low pressure input and indicator
  • Programmable for I.S.barriers
  • Extract fan control as standard
  • Hold activated indicator
  • Disablement indicators
  • Walk test mode
  • Two first stage sounder outputs
  • One second stage sounder output
  • First stage relay contact
  • Second stage relay contact
  • Auxiliary 24V DC output
  • Monitored manual release input
  • Monitored extinguishant output
  • Monitored 'Released' pressure switch input
  • Mode select keyswitch on front panel (optional)
  • Manual release on front panel (optional)

The FireBeta XT+ range combines feature rich, conventional fire detection from two to eight zones with up to four highly configurable extinguishing control modules to provide an integrated control solution for multi-area extinguishing systems.

The EN54-2/4 compliant fire detection module connects to the EN12094-1 compliant extinguishant control modules via a serial link which allows secure, bi-directional transfer of data between the two.

  • 4 or 8 detection zones
  • 1 to 4 extinguishant areas
  • Dual extinguishant outputs per area
    (configurable as Main/Reserve)
  • First and second stage sounder outputs per area
  • First and second stage volt free
    changeover contacts per area
  • Released volt free contact per area
  • Fault volt free contact per area
  • Programmable extinguishant delays
  • Programmable output duration extract fan control
  • Countdown indicator shows time until release in seconds
  • Mode select and manual release controls per area
  • Monitored remote manual release input
  • Monitored remote hold input
  • Monitored remote mode select
    (door interlock) input
  • Monitored remote released pressure switch input
  • Monitored remote low pressure switch input
  • Serial connection for FireBeta XT S1
    status indicators and ancillary boards


The effectiveness of a genuine Firetrace system comes from our proprietary, polymer tubing that will rupture when exposed to a flame. This specialized Firetrace Detection Tubing combines leak resistance, flexibility, durability and precise temperature sensitivity, allowing it to react quickly when the heat from a fire is present. Our detection tubing connects to one of our custom engineered valves and a Firetrace cylinder that contains the best fire suppression agent for a particular hazard.





Firetrace’s systems are compatible with most commercially available fire suppression agents, including:

  •  FM-200®
  • CO2
  • 3M™ Novec 1230 Fluid
  • Dry Chemical (ABC, BC, D)
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