The Angus Fire Top Pourer Set (TPS) Mk5 is designed for use in foam systems for the protection of flammable liquid storage tanks and combine foam generation, vapour sealing and foam pouring in a robust, low-maintenance integral unit.

  • Narrow pressure tolerance bursting disc for increased reliability
  • Impregnated graphite bursting disc for leak free operation
  • Reusable bursting disc holder
  • Air/liquid flow controller for optimum foam quality
  • Body lid retained by stainless steel swing bolts for increased safety
  • Captive foam enhancer for ease of access and maximum foam quality
  • Integral one piece construction, including deflector, for quick and reliable installation
  • Heavy duty welded construction to minimise distortion during operation

Angus Rimseal Foam Equipment is used for the protection of vertical open top floating roof (OTFR) storage tanks and comprises two elements - the Rimseal Foam Generator (RFG) which produces expanded foam when supplied with foam solution and the Rimseal Foam Pourer (RFP) which delivers the foam gently into the rimseal area.

    • Suitable for use with Angus low expansion foam concentrates
    • Cost-effective
    • Low-profile unit
    • Low maintenance

      Angus Medium Expansion (MEX) Bund Pourers are designed for fire protection systems and vapour suppression on bunded or diked areas surrounding flammable liquid or toxic chemical storage tanks. They are also suited for other applications requiring large volumes of free flowing foam eg. process areas, warehousing and storage protection.

      • Lightweight, compact and robust units.
      • Operation at low pressure minimises pumping capacities and water requirements.
      • Effective when used with Angus fluoroprotein and film forming fluoroprotein foam concentrates

      Angus High Back Pressure Foam Generators (HBPGs) are used in sub-surface foam injection systems which are primarily designed for the protection of fixed roof storage tanks containing hydrocarbon fuels.

      • For use in sub-surface foam injection systems
      • Enhanced performance capabilities
      • Choice of models
      • Two pressure gauges
      • Measure foam solution input pressure and system back pressure
      • Bursting disc assembly

      Angus Foam/Water sprinklers are open, air aspirating discharge heads designed for use as part of an engineered fire protection system. Each sprinkler is designed for mounting in the pendant position and produces a solid cone discharge with very similar spray patterns for both foam and water. The fire protection system can therefore be designed in accordance with NFPA 11/16, to deliver an initial foam discharge to combat a flammable liquid fire, followed by a period of water discharge to provide additional cooling if required.

        • For use as part of an engineered fire protection system
        • Compact and robust
        • Excellent corrosion resistance
        • Pendant mounted
        • Foam/water sprinklers are compact.
        • Robust and consequently less easily damaged than conventional designs.
        • Each sprinkler is entirely constructed from 316 stainless steel, which provides excellent corrosion resistance

        Polaris may use either one foam induction pump ‘A’ (for single rate induction) whilst dual rate induction models use two foam pumps ‘A’ and ‘B’.
        One pump is positioned on each end of the rotor shaft (Fig 3). To achieve the lower of the two induction rates, one pump is switched to operate on water
        only, leaving the other induction pump to supply the foam.


        • Injects foam into high pressure moving water streams
        • Reliable operation
        • Accurate proportioning over wide range of flows and pressures
        • Compatible with all fire fighting foams and potable or sea water
        • Fixed or portable versions available

        All components are manufactured from materials accepted for offshore use and are mounted within a robust steel framed skid.
        Developed primarily for offshore helideck monitor protection systems, the Helijector is available in three sizes to match constant flow rates of 900,
        1800 and 2700 litres/minute at 7 bar and is particularly suitable for use with the Angus Oscillating Monitor.


        • Self contained skid-mounted foam proportioning system
        • Manufactured from materials accepted for offshore use
        • Suitable for use with the Angus Oscillating Monitor
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